Bonus calculation formula excel

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To avoid errors it is recommended that a payroll software be used.M, register To Reply, 05:38 AM #3, re: Employee, bonus, calculation using IF formula.This detailed article shows you step by step how to do the PCB calculation without using a software or the Online PCB calculator.Calculating PCB using the MTD Schedule provided by lhdn is based on the principal of taking each months wages in isolation.Of Children 2 x 2000) Step 3 Calculate Total Tax for Basic Pay Bonus Total tax for a year (P M) R B (RM53,000.04 RM50,000) x 14 RM1,800 RM3,000.04 x 14 RM1,800 RM420.00 RM1,800 RM2,220.00 P, M, R and B are derived from the Income.Enough to do Bonus calculations for January and February 2019.I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that would allow the user to type in the net profit and gross profit and it will automatically calculate the bonus.Hi there, I need to calculate the bonus to be received by an employee who has generated total sales of for example 80,000.Yt additional income and Kt EPF deducted for additional income.Office 2010, my simple formula is not updating.If youre working in the metalworking industry, even youre engineers, you will try to find one ah bonus folder week 40 2018 calculator to help you calculate the weight of various metals and steels including ms plate, gi sheet, structural steel, ms angle, mild steel, steel bar, square tube, angle, aluminum etc.

Forum Rules Updated September 2018.If this is still too difficult, you can download our free Trial version of Actpay which can be run for 40 days.You will get the answers from the following two quick links.Try this, assuming the Sales figures is in Cell.This is not the case with my problem (xlsx file).Put my cursor in the box and hit enter (updated value correctly).Y 5,000 K 333.33 (5,000 / 12) Limit per annum for EPF deduction is 4,000. 04:59 AM #1, employee, bonus, calculation using IF formula.Therefore accumulated (YTD) wages and PCB do not come into play.Do you know how to calculate the weight of H beam steel and I beam steel?Is there some obscure setting that has been triggered in this file that is creating this issue?
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