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Its primary goal is to protect individual savings placed on deposits and accounts with the Russian banks inside Russia.
In the first half of 2015 retail customer deposits increased by 15 to reach RUB42.6bn.
For example, a 30-year fixed-rate loan has a term of 30 years.To get compensation for deposits a depositor (his/ her/ its representative) or heir (his/ her/ its representative) may apply to the Deposit Insurance Agency or an agent bank if such is involved in the deposit compensations payments.A depositor is not required to enter into a separate insurance agreement; it is secured by operation of law.For example, we have classic fixed-term savings accounts with higher interest rates (from three months to three years attractive pension deposit accounts, and a special account for children (Grow Big!).If a customer has more than one deposit with the same bank, the deposit compensation shall be paid pro rata the amounts of such deposits but the total compensation for all lotto spiel 77 gewinnchance deposits should be no more than RUB 1,400,000.Note: Bank metin2 wiki bonus exp of America adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loans feature an initial fixed interest rate period (typically 3, 5, 7 or 10 years) after which the interest rate becomes adjustable for the remainder of the loan term.Nordea Bank was one of the first Russian banks that joined the Deposit Insurance System, its registration number in the System.Telephone, name, registered place of business, address for postal notices, information on representatives authorised to represent the legal entity without a power of attorney.Failure to do the above may result in longer consideration of the depositors claim to get compensation of his/ her/ its deposits, rejection thereof if the Bank or Deposit Insurance Agency is unable to identify the depositor (his/ her/ its representative authorised to represent.Funds in roubles and foreign currencies deposited by individuals with a bank pursuant to a bank deposit agreement or a bank account agreement are insured, including capitalized interest (accrued interest added to the deposit as well as the funds placed into: demand and term deposits.A depositor becomes entitled to compensation of his/ her/ its/ deposits on the date of the insured event.More than 350,000 depositors keep their savings with.We offer all our depositors preferential interest rates on consumer loans, car loans, and loans for home energy efficiency improvements.Please note that it is necessary to timely inform the Bank about any changes in the information that was provided when making the deposit agreement or account agreement,.e.: Individuals, legal Entities last name, name, patronymic, registered place of residence.Telephone *Legal Entities means entities lawfully qualified as small-sized businesses (including micro-businesses) under the Russian Law and registered in the Unified Small and Medium-sized Businesses Register.
All deposits made with Center-invest Bank are insured.
Customers can open ruble, dollar or euro deposit accounts.

Center-invest Bank offers a wide range of modern deposit products for the whole family.The guarantor of money repayment to a depositor is the Russian Government.Compound interest is paid on all deposits, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.Please see details of the compensation procedure and amount at the Deposit Insurance Agency website: /.The insured events are: the banks banking license issued by the Bank of Russia has been withdrawn (terminated) unless Deposit Insurance Agency participation plan is implemented within the banks financial rehabilitation; the Bank of Russia has imposed moratorium on the settlement of claims towards creditors.We value our partnerships with our customers and we continue to introduce new banking technologies to provide customers with flexibility and a range of ways in which to manage their money.The statutory individual bank deposit insurance system (DIS) is a special governmental programme of the Russian Federation implemented in compliance with the Federal Law.The period of time during which a loan must be repaid.This shows the high level of trust that we enjoy among the local population.This condition is applicable to all deposits made by a depositor (in favour of a depositor) with one bank including those made for doing lawful business activities (except escrow accounts opened for making settlements under real estate transactions or settlements under shared construction participation agreements).The insurance shall not cover: bank accounts (deposits) of lawyers, notaries and other persons, if such accounts (deposits) were opened for carrying out professional activity in accordance with the Federal law; deposits evidenced with deposit certificates; funds in trust with banks; deposits with foreign branches.The sustainable growth in the volume of deposits held by Center-invest Bank can be attributed to the market rates paid on deposits, our special seasonal offers, and our reliability.177-FZ On Insurance of Individual Deposits with the banks of the Russian Federation.Address for postal notices, identity document type and details of the individual depositor.
A depositor may exercise this right in the period from the date of the insured event occurrence to the bankruptcy proceedings completion date (forced liquidation completion date) and moratorium completion date if the Bank of Russia imposed moratorium on the settlement of claims towards creditors.
Center-invest Bank, says Irina Levina, Head of Retail Banking at Center-invest Bank.

Upon occurrence of an insured event a deposit with the Bank is to be compensated in size of 100 of the deposit amount with a bank, however, the total compensation shall not exceed RUB 1,400,000 (applicable to the insured events occurred after 29 December 2014).
Customers can open ruble, dollar or euro deposit accounts.
We offer all our depositors preferential interest rates on consumer loans, car loans, and loans for home energy efficiency improvements.