Lotto boyz bim bam lyrics

I used to call up Lexi, Alisha and Paige.
Baby borrow me your bum bum when I done cum.
Sipping on some coffee trynna make some starbucks.Is she really bae?So let it rain, let it pour.Just getting started, all these pussies started stalling.No don, no don, no don, no don, no don.Ash and Lucas met at a youth club in 2011, where they spontaneously decided to collaborate on a grime track.'Cause baby they be playing with your heart.You ain't making money like.No don, no don, verse 1: Lucas, ring, ring just tell 'em keep calling.Oh follow nah nah nah, and now they wanna phone up my main line.All the flows and perfect timing.Intro: Ash, everybody wanna swing my way 'Cos they heard I got a banger.You said you like to get it on, with Vianni, like to get it on with me Know lopesan costa meloneras resort spa & casino tripadvisor say that you want me, so come over here Pre-Chorus: Ash Vianni Baby stop movin' mad I love it when you let me move it You bout.
Their instant creative chemistry persuaded them to join forces, and they honed their craft over the following years until breaking through in 2016 with the singles Hitlist and Bad Gyal.
We can buss a rum punch inna London.

Her biddy bing bum biddy di bum bum bam bay ( bam bay long time, me put it pon you.I ain't really one for talkin I ain't really one for games.Baby, I wanna see that thong, thong thong, thong, thong girl.Birmingham duo Lotto Boyzz (aka Last of the Trill Ones, aka Ash X Lucas) cut their teeth making grime tracks before transcending the genre and pursuing their own style, Afro-bashment.Pre-Chorus: Ash Vianni, baby stop movin' mad, i love it when you let me move.Do you call her wife?And now they wanna roll with a squad like mine.The guap make her work for papi.So be careful when you mentioning the name.But they never used to answer (nah they never used to answer).Tell me you love me when you touch my jewellery girl.Don't get it twisted, I'm still saying money over fame.

Now I'm leaving with her digits, Is she really yours?
Woah-yeah, oh ma, have you still got time for me?
Bandit lover, call me poppa, when I'm around, I hit you up, my momma.