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Many broadheads, noisemakers, and all rope arrows can be reclaimed for later use.Check your superflush gokkast devil key bindings for details.If more than one guard is in pursuit, you better be close to the end of the mission as these things tend to end in reloading a game save.Use your creep key to be even more stealthy, though you will also move slower.If you have alerted a guard try running away closing doors behind you, sometimes it works.Wished you had a piece of paper to write something on?Though jumping atop a table doesn't always work, climbing a ladder and diving into water usually does.Guards generally patrol hallways and don't stray into the rooms, hide in these rooms until the guard(s) have passed you.Try it, I might be wrong.If you throw forgbeast eggs at an enemy and it dies, techincally its death by frogbeast not by Garrett and thus will not fail your mission should there be a "no killing" objective.;-) Many wooden doors can be bashed open using your sword.
Guard still in pursuit?
Click anywhere on the page and type away.

Use your lean keys to check corners rather than blundering into a guard.(Thanks MrchHare) The small chattering gold children are blind, they can only hear or touch you for detection.Avoid jumping onto a surface its very noisy.Crouching really does help in making you less visible in some places.Exceptions to this are carpet, moss arrow covered areas, and some outdoor terrain.Detonating large explosives, such casino köln as the suburst, can be done by either shooting it with fire arrows, or even by just throwing a lit flare.After opening a door, closing it helps, guards can't see through solid doors, though doors with glass panes won't help closed or open.This also cuts down on the noises you make being casino circus belgique adresse passed along into other rooms.Beware panes of glass, they give you the illusion of protection when you can't hear what is behind it, but any guard or mechanism can see you as easily through glass as if you were in the same room.(Thanks Ford) If the remains of a child of Karras blocks your passage, repeated bashings with either your sword or blackjack will eventually break it into smaller pieces.
When your visibility crystal is dark enough that the status is black (neither yellow or red) not only are you invisible, but even an alerted guard will have problems finding you.
You already do, pull up the map and flip the pages until you find the notes section.

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Don't worry if you're blinded, Garrett usually recovers before the guard does, more so if you manage to look away before the flashbomb detonates.
(Default: Ctrl-Alt-, w having problems reaching a switch?