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Experience and Recent Innovations at the East View Company in the Respect of Creating Electronic Resources Robert Lee, East View Information Services, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
Arbikon Projects: Consolidating Efforts under New Reality Alexander Plemnek, Association of Regional Library Consortia (arbikon tersburg State Polytechnic Institute, tersburg, Russia.
Subscription to Digital Resources: Thorns and Roses Ekaterina Polnikova, National Electronic Information Consortium,.Read to Promote Culture, Literacy and to Improve Living Standards Mariya Konovalova,.Ostrovsky Regional Special Library for the Blind, Kaluga, Russia.The well-developed excursion trail, bending around stalagmites, goes downhill and opens the fantastic world: columns resembling southern palms and stone grapes-like corralites covering the walls.Omega-L Group of Companies, Moscow, Russia (495), Elena Beylina Publishing and selling of business and educational literature. Adelaida Gertsyk and Ivan Novikov Mariya Mikhaylova,.V.Audiobooks Use in Library Operation as a Means of Rehabilitating Visually Impaired Vladimir Polishchuchenko, Talking Book Company, best roulette casino in vegas Moscow, Russia discussion on the session topic.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 session Ii digital labyrinths business game moderator: Nataliya Baukova, Director, Regional Special Library for the Blind, Saratov, Russia Business Game.The main types of library editions are different bibliographical indexes, catalogues of publications, metodology and bibliography indexes, bibliorgaphy of petty forms ( book marks, check lists, catalogs ).Ecological Culture and Education in the Medical University:The Librarys Role and Place Izabella Ivanova, Kharkov State Medical University Library, Kharkov, Ukraine.You may sign for a tour of your choice or confirm your participation at the conference registration desk on June.

Analyze based on specifc examples their accidental/non-accidental nature, as well as real repercussions for their circulation.Electronic Educational Packages for Higher School Valentina Semenova, KnoRus Publishing Trading House, Moscow, Russia.School ship series of practical guides for school teachers is very popular.Functions of color naming in the Cimmerias image creation by Maksimilian Voloshin Ekaterina Davidenko,.I.Features of authors world outlook in artistic evidences on the Russian feud between Adelaida and Yevgeniya Gertsyks Raisa Goryunova,.I.Positioning for Cooperation Nadezhda Bezruchko,.G.

Peer-to-Peer Data Replication in Libraries Information Systems Rustam Khalabiya, Andrey Romanov, and Alexander Rybakov, Moscow State University of Instrument-Making and Information Science, Moscow, Russia.
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